A little about me…

Sooooo I guess this is the place where I talk about me…

The basics:

My name is Christine, I am 21, I live in Perth, Australia. I work for the health department as an Allied Health Therapy Assistant, I mostly work with speech and occupational therapists as well as physios, most of my working hours are spent working with kids, making resources and crafty stuff and doing a bit of admin support here and there.

Why I started this blog…

There are a couple of reasons for my starting this blog, the first few being to document my travels, talk about my various experiments in art, craft, textiles, photography, paper craft, music, video production,  and just about any thing else remotely creative that I can get my hands on, to talk about books, music, films, games, pop culture, art and various other interesting things.

But for me the most important thing I want to use this blog for is to keep my self accountable, I have been on a journey to better health and a better quality of life for over a year, and though I have made progress I feel that i could have done much more in the same time, if I had been more committed and tried harder.

So, In this blog I am going to talk about my life in general and my journey. I’m going to try to use this as a platform to keep on track and stay accountable.

If you have any questions for me, you can reach me at christinewilson@live.com


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